A Comparative Approach Between INVISALIGN & SPARK Aligners

When it comes to straightening teeth, you can get a bit lost in an extensive array of options. They range from traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, lingual ones, and self-ligating braces, all visible. Notwithstanding, you can find several clear and discreet alignment options, allowing for better oral hygiene and comfort, and most importantly, providing exceptional results.

This short article discusses two major competitors’ pros and cons in the clear aligning orthodontics market. These are INVISALIGN® and SPARK® aligners. For easy and fluid reading, we have divided this article into two parts. First, we will check about Invisalign solutions for teenagers and adults; then, we will move and see about Spark´s main advantages and drawbacks.

INVISALIGN – Solutions for Teenagers and Adults

Invisalign is a clear alignment orthodontic system that has been in the market for several years. In the beginning, most of their target market has been adults. However, lately, the tendency to use transparent alignment systems, especially Invisalign, has moved from adults to a younger segment. With the technological advances, younger patients, including children with baby teeth, became candidates for clear plastic aligners.

Statistically speaking, we can trace a move to 17 years and younger patients, from 1989 with 1.4 million patients to reach 4.3 million patients in 2016 as reported by The American Association of Orthodontists. In July 2019, Invisalign launched Invisalign First in response to this trend, a treatment intended for children ages 6 to 10 with permanent and baby teeth. The use of clear aligners for kids is an outstanding advance in orthodontics.

SPARK ALIGNERS – Improved Materials and Results

Spark Aligners are state-of-the-art alignment devices. The craftsmanship of the appliances uses sophisticated materials that allow patients superior comfort and other physically tested improvements. These aligners gain in popularity as a viable alternative to traditional braces as more patients seek to fix their orthodontic conditions such as crowded teeth and an overbite, to name a few.

Here we include some of the added value elements, and specific drawbacks of Spark Aligners compared to Invisalign for those patients who wish to get straighter teeth.


Sophisticated Materials

Invisalign can pride itself on having decades of experience in materials science and biomechanics. The final material used by Invisalign is named SmartTrack™, a development that took eight years of research to get to a soft, controllable, comfortable product with quick results and high predictability. However, Spark Aligners material named TruGEN™ is labeled superior regarding comfort, transparency, and resistance to stains.

Enhanced Comfort

We opened this article talking about traditional visible braces. They are less comfortable than Invisalign and Spark Aligners. However, part of clear aligners’ superiority relies on their craftsmanship. Invisalign and Spark take reasonable care in trimming the aligners to avoid any potential damage to soft tissue on patients. However, Spark introduced a more detailed technique for scalloping and polishing edges that, along with being thinner than Invisalign, produces a more comfortable sensation.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

We won’t talk about physics here, but a word comes along named traction, and it has to do with effectiveness. When teeth track better, the results are more efficient and effective, which has a lot to do with the science of components and materials. In this specific field, Spark aligners have an advantage on their micrometer composition of materials. As a result, Spark is more effective and efficient at moving your teeth.



Honestly speaking, we cannot tell if this is an advantage or a disadvantage. Here is our reasoning. Invisalign requires a short training course for dentists to be certified and start applying the system. However, Spark only certifies orthodontic specialists to perform this job. With this in mind, there will be fewer providers of Spark than those of Invisalign. However, the level of specialization offers a much greater guarantee of a quality job. Talking about availability, Spark also provides aligners for teenagers and kids.

Treatment Time

When discussing the length of treatment, we will start by stating that using clear aligners has the potential to considerably reduce your expected treatment time when compared to other treatment plans. Generally speaking, the average treatment time for clear aligner patients is much shorter than when we consider conventional braces.

These comfortable aligners seed the changes much faster, and we can even see some patients achieving significant results in under 6 months. Granted, this advanced technology presents considerable benefits or advantages for your orthodontic care, but you should still understand that these removable trays provide a different experience for every patient.

Another factor that could influence your orthodontic care length is the potential for orthodontic emergencies. Clear aligners don-t require as many emergency appointments as you won’t have to deal with any broken wires or loose brackets. Furthermore, you won’t have to limit your dietary choices and require completely avoid crunchy foods or other fan favorites. Depending on your specific case, Dr. Solomon may even recommend you leave your aligners on while you eat!

Just be careful not to misplace your aligners when you take them off during special occasions. You’ll have to head back to our Beverly Hills office and get another set of aligner trays. Remember, you will need to keep up with the aligner treatments guidelines and replace your aligner trays on a weekly basis. Misplacing your weekly aligner can negatively impact your treatment, and we’d like to avoid that.

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