Dr. Deborah Solomon

Hi there, Beverly Hills neighbors! Your favorite orthodontist is back! Well, technically, we never left, but we just wanted to make sure that you knew the team at Smile Health Orthodontics is on standby to help you achieve all your goals related to a well-aligned, healthy, and beautiful smile.

You know us, and we know you. Dr. Deborah Solomon is always ready to help and support you in your orthodontic journey, and her team is always ready to help with your treatment.

There are metered parking spots in front of the building at 436 N Roxbury DR, Suite 203, where we have our practice. You can also find 2-hour free public parking at 461 N Bedford Dr, which is just 3 minutes away.

You can also get in touch with our office to learn more about our concierge orthodontic services and enjoy more about at-home orthodontics and how you can get all the care you need within the comfort of your home or office.

The Best Orthodontic Services in Beverly Hills

Ok, so we’ve already claimed that when you come, you’ll find the best orthodontist Beverly Hills has available, but what does that mean? Well, it’s all about being in an environment that customizes treatment to your specific needs and goals.

Also, it’s about choice. Lots of choices.

And we mean that. You won’t find yourself limited to traditional tools; instead, you can trust Dr. Solomon to make available all the advancements that make orthodontics the safest and most efficient it’s been in decades.

Check out the available options below:

In-House Clear Aligners can help patients achieve their desired smile fast.

Invisalign and Spark Clear Aligners

These are custom-made solutions for patients of all ages. Teens, kids, and adults will love having removable and customized clear aligner trays for their treatment. We just have to make sure you’re a viable candidate for the system of removable trays, so set an appointment with us as soon as possible.

We can also go with the 3D scanner to your home and take the impressions of your teeth, or rather scan your mouth and create a digital model to get the process started. If you want clear aligners, feel free to ask us about Invisalign, Spark, and even our in-house 3D printed aligners.



BRIUS® Independent Movers™

Bet you weren’t expecting that. Truly invisible independent movers that go on the back of your teeth. Experience true ease of use and a reliable system that will safely and efficiently guide your teeth into the right position 55% faster than with traditional methods.



Propel VPro+ Orthodontic Accelerators

Were you hoping to wrap up your treatment in record time? Well, you might want to ask Dr. Solomon about our orthodontic accelerators. These additional appliances help seed the changes much faster and move your teeth even faster than they would on their own. Make sure you ask our team how to get access to one and how to use it.


Get Your Smile Fixed in Beverly Hills

Make sure you set an appointment or get in touch with our team to know what will work best in your case. We know for a fact that you can get amazing results with our high-quality treatment plans. We hope to see you soon so you can experience the best orthodontic treatment Beverly Hills residents have available!