That’s right, Dr. Solomon is here to help you complete your orthodontic treatment in as little time as possible with your new set of clear aligners. We always want to go beyond the basic and traditional methods for orthodontics to provide you with an efficient and comfortable treatment option. Your clear aligners get you that and much more.

Come to our Los Angeles office to learn more about the ways in which clear aligners can help you achieve your dream smile in record times.

Why Should I Choose Clear Aligners?

Some orthodontic appliances, such as Invisalign, Spark, and especially our in-house clear aligner trays, are as capable as any other of fixing most tooth and jaw alignment problems and provide patients with additional benefits.

  • Faster Treatment. Some patients have reported significant achievements in as little as 6 months. Most patients have shorter treatment times on average when they wear clear aligners than when they have traditional metal braces.
  • More Comfortable. These aligners are made from BPA-free plastic that fits your tooth arches perfectly. Your orthodontist creates a digital model of your teeth with a scanner to customize the trays, so they fit your mouth perfectly.
  • Easier Hygiene. You can remove your clear aligner trays whenever you need to during mealtimes. Furthermore, you can also take off your aligners to brush your teeth and use dental floss without having to maneuver around brackets and wires.
  • Almost Invisible. The clear plastic used to manufacture the trays is almost invisible to the naked eye, so you can complete your treatment, and nobody will notice you’re wearing aligners.


3D Scanning Technology

Long gone are the days of those pesky models where an orthodontist filled your mouth with trays, a weird viscous material, and yanked on your teeth so hard it seemed like they were going to come to clean off.

Now, innovative orthodontists, like our own Dr. Solomon, rely on technological advancements that create digital models of a patient’s teeth in minutes. The process is simple, and we create a model that we can even then modify to show you how your treatment looks at different stages.

3D Scanners for Clear Aligners enable a more precise and comfortable treatment
Clear Aligners are a comfortable and discreet option for your treatment

What Are the Clear Aligners You Can Get?

As you may well know, Dr. Solomon doesn’t like limiting her patient’s options. As such, you can come to the office and choose the brand you prefer. Here at Smile Health Orthodontics, you can find some of the most popular clear aligner systems, and you can even ask us for our in-house aligners.

Our in-house aligners are an excellent option for any patient who considers wearing clear aligners instead of braces. You won’t even have to wait too long to get your first sets of aligner trays after we take a digital impression of your teeth, and you can get replacements right here.

Make sure you ask us about our in-house clear aligners to start your treatment and achieve the best and healthiest version possible of your smile.

We Provide The Following Treatments in Los Angeles, CA:


There aren’t almost any limitations with clear aligners because you can simply take them off whenever you need to for mealtimes and for your oral hygiene routine. One thing you shouldn’t do, however, is taking them off for any reason that makes you wear them less than 20 to 22 hours every day.

We highly recommend you wear your retainers from 20 to 22 hours every day to ensure your treatment efficiency and avoid unwanted delays. Clear aligners are not a burden, but you shouldn’t abuse their removable nature.

Yes. As a matter of fact, sleeping with your clear aligners can also help reduce nighttime tooth grinding, known as bruxism, and improve your treatment efficiency.

Yes, though every patient will have a unique experience and face a learning curve to talk as usual. You should expect a bit of difficulty at first, but nothing you can’t manage.

Yes. Clear aligners have amazing results. Most patients will have to worry only about wearing them for as long as their orthodontist recommends to achieve the beautiful and healthy smile they deserve.

The main drawback of clear aligners is that, because they are removable, many patients tend to lose their clear aligner trays during mealtimes. Please carry their protective case with you at all times and avoid unwanted treatment delays.