Get ready, Los Angeles. Dr. Solomon is here to help you achieve your dream smile. A big part of orthodontics is providing guidance and help when the patient requires it most. One such example is the help we offer whenever you face an orthodontic emergency. Dr. Solomon and the team at Smile Health Orthodontics are ready to help you when you need us the most.

Help for the Most Common Orthodontic Emergencies

Patients undergoing orthodontics may face themselves with difficult situations where their appliances can suffer damage and cause significant delays in their treatment.

Here at Smile Health Orthodontics, we want to make sure that you are fully aware of how to identify those situations and remedy them. Please keep in mind that, however alarming the situations, orthodontic emergencies are not potentially fatal.

Dealing With Discomfort

As much as we try to make your treatment the most comfortable experience possible, there is no denying that each patient’s journey will include a bit of discomfort, especially at the beginning of each person’s treatment.

As your teeth and jaws realign, you will feel that your mouth is sore and your teeth suffer a heightened sensitivity to cold and heat. Please contact your orthodontist for more information on what to expect. You can probably use an over-the-counter painkiller for most such situations, but if there is persistent pain, you should find the nearest ER and request help.

Traditional Metal Braces can give you the smile you want

Loose Brackets

Another common situation that occurs in patients who wear braces is loose brackets. This is a common problem because many patients forget how important it is to avoid some of the snacks and foods that can seem harmless but could severely damage your orthodontic appliance.

Some foods, such as hard taco shells and most hard fruits, can break off into smaller pieces that peel away the brackets and cause delays to your treatment.

Poking Wires

Another reason why many patients ask for our help regarding orthodontic emergencies is because of a poking wire. Sometimes, a patient will have a minor accident that dislodges the ends of their archwire. These poking wires are quite the bother because they will poke directly into the inside of your cheeks, creating mouth sores.

Get in touch with our Los Angeles orthodontic office to learn more about the available solutions.

Clear Ceramic Braces are a discreet option for your treatment

Lost In-House Clear Aligners

Some of our patients decide to get clear aligner trays instead of traditional braces. As such, they can make the most out of their removable orthodontic appliance and take off the trays during mealtimes. The only problem is that some forget their aligners’ protective case and put the trays aside wrapped in a napkin.

Some patients will accidentally throw them away and lose their aligners.

Fortunately, you can get in touch with us and receive a replacement or additional directions on which set of aligners to use. Get in touch with us too, and learn more about the benefits you enjoy with a practice that prints your clear aligners onsite.

The Best Orthodontist Los Angeles Has Available

That’s right. Only the best will offer you the care you require when you need it the most. Dr. Solomon is on standby to help out all her patients overcome the most challenging orthodontic emergencies and guide them through a successful treatment to a beautiful smile. Get in touch with us and set an appointment.