If you need retainers to complete your orthodontic treatment, you should get in touch with the best orthodontist Los Angeles has available. Dr. Solomon is, of course, your best option to ensure all your hard work yields results that aren’t lost in a couple of years.

Dr. Solomon, a 2020 recipient of America’s Best Dentist award, is an active member of the American Board of Orthodontics and regional associations that credit her skills and knowledge. You can trust that she and her team will help you get the results you’re expecting and work on getting a smile you’re proud of.


Retainers are orthodontic appliances that differ a bit from your traditional metal braces and clear aligners in principle. Even though they don’t actively realign your teeth and jaws, they do work to prevent the negative effects of orthodontic relapse.

Some patients learn about this way too late in their treatment. However, when you start your treatment with Dr. Solomon, she will carefully explain everything related to your orthodontic care from that first consultation all the way through your retention phase.

Patients who have completed their orthodontic treatment in Los Angeles will still need to undergo one final test to ensure their smiles continue to look as beautiful as they intended. There’s no denying it; an orthodontic retainer is necessary if you want to keep your dream smile.


The best part about coming to our office for your Los Angeles orthodontics is that you won’t be locked into one single solution. We love leveraging technological advancements and design innovations to offer several choices to our patients.

We will carefully review your case and, depending on your habits during your orthodontic treatment, suggest one type of orthodontic retainer over another.



This is the most common type of retainer for younger patients who have trouble adhering to their orthodontist’s recommendations. This fool-proof method uses a stainless steel wire cemented to the lingual surface of your teeth to prevent orthodontic relapse.

You shouldn’t have any trouble adjusting to this appliance, and it won’t be the center of attention when you smile because it goes on the back of your teeth.



These retainers, otherwise known as Hawley retainers, are the well-known acrylic-with-stainless-wires removable appliance many patients use. This option is both removable and custom-made, which makes many patients happy, but you’ll have to be more careful about potentially losing it and having an orthodontic emergency. Please carry their protective case with you.


When we mentioned design and technological innovations, we referred to this type of orthodontic retainer. If you chose to start your orthodontic care with Invisalign® clear aligner trays, Spark® aligners, or our famous in-house clear aligners, you’d already be familiarized with the technology and requirements.

These trays are virtually invisible, custom-made, and removable. They are the pinnacle of comfort in orthodontic retention, and we’re glad to serve as your provider of clear retainers in Los Angeles.