Hello and welcome to Smile Health Orthodontics! Dr. Deborah Solomon is the best Orthodontist Los Angeles patients can find, and she likes to provide everyone access to the highest-quality care available and the greatest innovations available in orthodontics.

Dr. Solomon also knows she can’t do everything on her own, which is why she relies on a highly-skilled team and attentive coordination with various other specialists to provide the required treatments. Correcting your bad bite or crooked teeth may sometimes require invasive surgery, so you should contact us and learn more about surgical orthodontics in Los Angeles.

Why Would You Need Surgical Orthodontics in Los Angeles?

Some adults will require more than traditional orthodontics to fix their orofacial and skeletal abnormalities. Once your bones finish growing, we can tell you if you require jaw surgery to fix the problems braces and clear aligners alone cannot fix.

If this were your case, Dr. Solomon would coordinate with a qualified maxillofacial surgeon to provide you with the required care. Many cases will require you to undergo an initial stage of orthodontics with some fixed appliance, and then you will have your oral surgery. However, this depends primarily on the severity of your case and recommendations made by the team of orthodontists and oral surgeons.

Keep in mind that orthodontists do not perform these invasive surgical procedures without the help of specialized dental health professionals. Dr. Solomon is an amazing orthodontist, but she would never put you at risk and skip the opportunity to work alongside equally qualified professionals. Ultimately, what we want is to help you recover all functionality and optimal dental health.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

In most cases, patients will require an initial treatment plan with braces or any other appropriate orthodontic appliance. Then, they will go through the stages of surgical orthodontics to fix severe abnormalities resulting from their jaw and skeletal development. Finally, you will finish with orthodontics and a retention phase to ensure your smile is as well-aligned, beautiful, and healthy as possible.

Please, make sure you get in touch with our office and set an appointment to figure out what works best in your case.