Welcome to Smile Health Orthodontics. Dr. Solomon is the best Orthodontist Los Angeles residents have at their disposal, and she likes to focus on providing her patients access to the greatest innovations available in orthodontics.

If you’re interested in correcting your bite or crooked teeth, you should definitely swing by our office and ask about Brius Lingual Braces.

We don’t settle for the status quo in this practice, and we wanted to show you how you can achieve excellent results in as little time as possible with the new systems developed by BRIUS!




What Is BRIUS®?

BRIUS Independent Movers™ is the next generation in orthodontics. Technically, they’re not braces; even more important, they remain attached to the lingual part of your teeth and move your teeth independently.

You may already know about the go-to methods of traditional metal braces and clear aligners, but this system is truly a game changer.

Dr. Solomon wants to offer her patients the freedom to choose from several options to complete their orthodontic treatment and achieve their dream smiles. BRIUS is the next step for our team here at Smile Health Orthodontics.

Best of all, the individual BRIUS arms make flossing and brushing a breeze since there are no wires connecting the teeth.  Unlike braces, BRIUS requires no painful adjustments. This means that rather than spending up to 2 years in braces or aligners, treatment with BRIUS is usually finished in 1 year or less with fewer time-consuming visits to the doctor.

BRIUS in open jaws
BRIUS and Regular Braces Compared

BRIUS Vs Clear Aligners and Traditional Braces in Los Angeles

Oh, we wouldn’t be talking to you about this option unless it was truly efficient and effective. Treatment options like Invisalign Clear Aligners or Spark offer patients with good options for a discreet treatment, but there’s still something over your teeth, and they can stain if you drink things like red wine or other dark beverages.

BRIUS is a new and truly invisible orthodontic treatment option that remains fixed to the back part of your teeth so no one can ever see them unless they hold a mirror inside your mouth…

Traditional orthodontic treatment times with conventional braces can take several years, but the pre-programmed biomechanics that governs each independent mover in the BRIUS system allows for a faster treatment time. You can expect results in months, not years.

You won’t require constant and painful adjustments throughout your treatment, which means fewer and shorter visits to the orthodontist. As much as we love having our patients over, we know you have busy schedules, which only makes BRIUS an excellent option for you.

Why Is BRIUS Perfect For You?

If you’re looking for the highest-quality possible orthodontic treatment Los Angeles neighbors have available, you’re in luck. Dr. Solomon can help you get your BRIUS system installed and help you achieve your dream smile. Remember, this orthodontic appliance is the best because:

  • Faster Treatment Time: the treatment that’d usually take 2 years with traditional braces could wrap up in as little as 1 year with BRIUS.
  • Easier Dental Hygiene: even though these are fixed appliances, you won’t have to maneuver around wires and ligatures to clean between your teeth and minimize the risk of tooth decay or cavities.
  • No Adjustments Required: you won’t have to undergo painful adjustments, switching new aligners every two weeks, or any of that. BRIUS requires only a short acclimation period.
  • Truly Invisible: the Independent Movers all go behind your teeth, so who’s going to see them.
BRIUS treatment is faster

Get in touch with one of our team members or set an appointment now to start your journey towards a healthy and well-aligned smile. BRIUS is one of the fastest ways to have a beautiful smile, and you can also call us about at-home orthodontic services. To enjoy our concierge orthodontic services, you need only give us a call, and we can be at your home or office to start your treatment.