Do you know what’s even better than clear aligners? Clear aligners you can get right at our orthodontics office to start treatment as soon as possible. Many of our patients come for Invisalign and Spark aligners, but we wanted you to know about all the ways we make treatment as readily available as possible for our patients.

Coming to Smile Health Orthodontics means finding a team that leverages all advancements in technology and orthodontic innovation for your benefit.

Come to our office and ask about our in-house clear aligners to learn what you can do to start your treatment as soon as possible.


Patients of all ages want to find solutions that fit their circumstances and goals as much as possible. Starting your treatment with clear aligners instead of traditional metal braces does pose several advantages over conventional methods.

We have made the investment necessary to provide you with all the options you need to reach your treatment goals as efficiently as possible.

Part of the team responsible for the innovation of clear aligners is betting on the success that comes from letting orthodontists become more involved with the manufacture and planning of any patient’s treatment. Here at SHO Smiles, you’ll find valuable resources to that end.

In-House Clear Aligners can help patients achieve their desired smile fast.


So, how does it work? We already have sufficient digital scanning tools to generate a 3D model of your mouth and all orofacial structures. These clear aligners are perfect for several modes of treatment. Depending on your particular circumstances, you might want to ask for more information about one of the following:

  • Treatment with Aligners. One of the most popular options is to complete all the treatment wearing only clear aligners.
  • Combo Cases. You might wear fixed orthodontic appliances at first to complete the most challenging stages of your treatments, then easily swap to clear aligners to refine your smile.
  • Hybrid Cases. You might instead use fixed orthodontic appliances on one tooth’s arch and your clear aligners on the other.
Dr. Solomon models your In-House Clear Aligners on the spot


At first, we make sure you get some of the clear aligners you require for your treatment without delay. We will make sure to provide you with several sets of clear aligners so you can start your treatment at your earliest convenience. We will then either wait for the rest of the aligners to come from the lab or continue working on your case to print the rest of your clear aligner trays in Los Angeles.

Our specialist, Dr. Deborah Solomon, will help you set a treatment plan in as little as 10 minutes.