We’re always looking for ways to help our patients complete their orthodontic treatment without much trouble. Unfortunately, orthodontic emergencies have a habit of happening when we expect them the least. Don’t worry, though; Dr. Solomon and her team are here to help you continue your treatment without any trouble.

Dr. Deborah Solomon

When Should I Contact My Orthodontist About an Emergency

Our patients know they can get in touch with the best orthodontist Beverly Hills has available to solve any such situation. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or otherwise refrain from contacting your orthodontist when you feel like you need help with your orthodontic appliance.

While there are some DIY solutions and temporary fixes you can try when facing orthodontic emergencies, you should always let your orthodontist know to schedule an appointment as soon as possible and get a permanent fix that ensures your appliance’s integrity and treatment efficiency.

Please keep in mind that orthodontic emergencies are far different from traditional dental emergencies in that they’re not potentially life-threatening. Regardless of any of the situations we describe below, please contact emergency services and seek appropriate help if you notice swelling, intense pain, or heavy bleeding.

Discomfort and Mild Pain

All patients should expect minor discomfort and a sore sensation for the first couple of days after they first get their braces or clear aligners. Likewise, you can expect a similar problem when you get an adjustment or switch to a new set of clear aligner trays.

The best thing to do then is to use an over-the-counter painkiller and let your orthodontist know if the problem persists longer than 3 days.

Please pay close attention, as any enduring pain can signify a developing problem that requires specialized care.


Loose Bracket

Remember just how much we emphasize you pay close attention to your dietary choices? Given the right conditions, food debris can easily peel away your brackets and have them slide freely on the archwire. Likewise, if you suffer direct trauma to a tooth, your brackets may become loose and potentially delay your treatment.

Get in touch with your orthodontist so they can bond the bracket back to the tooth. And please avoid using any bonding agent not rated for dental use.


Poking Wire

Few things are as annoying as having a stainless steel poking the inside of your cheeks. It’s not a common situation, but it’s possible the end of the archwire loosens and pokes directly into your cheek, causing sores and irritation. Tucking it back into place with a blunt object can prove challenging, so don’t be afraid to contact your orthodontist to receive the help you require.

You can also use some orthodontic wax to cover the end of the wire and reduce the discomfort.


Lost Retainer or Aligner Tray

Many patients with removable appliances lose them during mealtimes because they forget to bring with them the protective case. Please, carry yours with you during mealtimes or other situations where you might remove your appliance to secure them in a place where they won’t get lost.

Call your orthodontist to get a replacement. Here at Smile Health Orthodontics, we offer in-house clear aligners to avoid long wait times when replacing an aligner.


Get in Touch With Your Orthodontist

If you want to get the help you require and deserve, focus on getting in touch with the best orthodontist Los Angeles residents can find. Dr. Solomon will gladly help you with everything you need.