We’re here to help you find the solutions you need to ensure your smile keeps looking great! As the leading premium provider of retainers Los Angeles and Beverly Hills residents can find, Dr. Solomon and the team at Smile Health Orthodontics want you to know you can trust us to help you exactly when you need us to.

Dr. Solomon proudly received America’s Best Dentist award for 2020 and continues to help teenagers and adults achieve the best versions possible of their smiles!

You know our job as orthodontists is to help you get that beautiful smile, and we can do so with a bunch of options. You can use braces and clear aligners with our powerful treatment accelerators for record-breaking treatment times and safely aligning your smile.

But the work won’t end when your orthodontist removes your main orthodontic appliance. We use dental retainers to ensure everything stays right where it’s supposed to.

Many of our patients come in because they notice that their beautiful smiles and well-aligned teeth are beginning to look a little crooked once again. Don’t let this happen to you!

We can help you find the right retainer for your case and help your teeth maintain their correct position.

Remember that your teeth have a tendency to slide back into their previous and crooked position. Dental retainers can help you prevent that!


We wouldn’t be the well-known provider of orthodontic treatment solutions we are if we didn’t offer our patients with various treatment options, right?

Fortunately for all of us, whenever you come to Smile Health Orthodontics, you’ll get to talk to Dr. Solomon about the options that will best fit your lifestyle and goals. So let’s check some of the types of retainers you can get at our practice.


When you’re looking for a fail-proof method to keep your teeth in the right position after you’ve completed the main part of your orthodontic treatment, you should consider asking a qualified orthodontist for fixed retainers.

We’ll install a wire on the lingual surface of your teeth, which means the backside of your teeth, and you’ll keep it on for as long as you need it. This method helps you achieve your goals and keep your retainer hidden from everyone else.


This is a traditional option for many patients who want a removable appliance. Hawley retainers use an acrylic piece and stainless steel metal wires. These custom-made appliances fit your mouth and prevent any orthodontic relapse.

As with any removable orthodontic appliance, you’ll have to be careful about misplacing them during meal times. Ask our team about the best ways to maintain your retainers clean and how you can get yours.


We always love talking about these. Many of our patients come asking for clear aligners, and we’re proud to be offering our very own in-house invisible aligners, Spark™ or Invisalign® aligners. These trays are all made of BPA-free plastic materials that are FDA-approved.

These retainers are a great option for people who want discreet treatment. Even better, you can take them off whenever you need to, making them easy to clean.

Get in touch with us for removable clear retainers!